The Black Eye

  There was always a constant worry as to what was happening with John and the kids when I was not around.  It seemed like every time I left a room one of the kids claimed that John had put his hands on them, and he would always deny it.  Of course, I'd seen him … Continue reading The Black Eye


Telephone War

Having a child with autism who can become aggressive can be utterly exhausting.  James was always really well behaved for me.  He rarely showed any negative behaviors when we were together (with the exception of when John was present and instigating).  When James was not with me, however, he frequently became aggressive and even violent.  … Continue reading Telephone War


Living together gave John many opportunities to do and say things to the kids that created a hostile environment.  Quinn was better equipped to handle John's mind games and manipulation, although it still impacted her negatively.  James on the other hand, was quite susceptible to it.  If I was not in the same room with … Continue reading Explosions

Using the Children as Weapons

As John's control over me began slipping away, he began to escalate.  Anger flowed off his body in waves.  I could feel it across the room.  I did my best to avoid any interactions ... to even avoid eye contact when possible.  I became very jumpy and very on edge.  I was always aware of … Continue reading Using the Children as Weapons

Emotional Blackmail

Even though the children weren't aware that we were in the process of a divorce, they were beginning to react to the dynamic in the house.  John continued to say things to them when I wasn't around that confused them, upset them and alluded to the fact that there was something "bad" looming in the … Continue reading Emotional Blackmail